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Don't Know Which Wedding Live Band to Choose?
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Here are Ritmicolive we know that our music plays an essential part in your party's success. That's why we always strive to create the perfect musical experience for you and your guests. One that will fit your wedding theme perfectly & one that everyone will enjoy.

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Looking for a wedding live band? Look no further than Ritmicolive Entertainment.

Our Professionalism.

High Quality, Clean, Professional.

We are professional musicians with years of music performances under our belt. You can be sure that we would provide a smooth and professional performance.

Our Rates.

Custom packages to fit any budget.

We know each wedding is different so we will have a custom package for you and your wedding to fit your budget. Just contact us to get a quote.

Our Music.

Your Favorite Music - bundled into one.

We will play the music that suits your wedding theme, that excites your wedding and one that all your guests will enjoy.

Our Promise.

Enjoyable Music with Top notch Service.

We understand that our music plays a big part in your party's success so we will do whatever it takes for your satisfaction.

If you are struggling to pick a Wedding Live Band...


The day you have been waiting for is here, and you can feel yourself choking from all the responsibilities. From the caterer to the florist to the live wedding band, planning can certainly be a big hassle for you. Sometimes, nothing is better than a one-stop solution to all your planning problems.

The ease of hiring a skillful, talented and self-managing live wedding band could just be the finishing touch for a perfect wedding, at a very reasonable cost too.

If you are still cracking your head trying to think of which live wedding band can provide you with that, stop thinking now. The answer is right in front of you now!

Ritmicolive was designed with the idea to provide you with the perfect live band for wedding ceremonies and more with all the associated glitz and glamor, despite taking away the hassle commonly associated with live music. The skill level of our band members is certainly beyond doubt, and we aim ensure that your wedding gets the live wedding band twist which every couple always dreams of having.

We aim to ease the burden of planning for your wedding live band performance completely, giving you with the perfect experience that you will cherish and talk about in years to come.

All we need from you is a little contact information so we can keep in touch with you for your ideal live wedding band planning. In fact, we can even throw in a little discount to further cut down on your wedding expenses!

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